Seafood paella

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Serves 4

Virgin olive oil – 140 cc.

Garlic – 2 or 3 cloves, depending on size.

Rice – 400 g.

Squid and / or sepia-600 gr.

Fish stock – 1.2 to 1.5 l.

Cigala – 4 units

Mussels – 8 units.

Sweet paprika – a tablespoon.

Prawns – 8 units,

Tomato – 4 tbsp (grated or shredded).

Two spoons of chopped onion

0.2 grs saffron or yellow food coloring –


Logo de Elaboration

 We started preparing the fish stock, fish bones are ideal, head of monkfish, sea bass, sea bream, rock fish, prawns and / or crabs.We can add to the broth some onion, tomato, and bay leaf Boil 25 minutes from beginning to boil, turn off heat and let stand for 20 minutes before straining.

Cut, cuttlefish and squid into squares of about 2 cm. Heat the oil and heat, saute the shrimp and prawns for 1 minute, remove from water and set aside. Then add the cuttlefish, squid  and two spoons of chopped onion, fry until they begin to have a light golden color. At that point, add tomatoes and minced garlic and cook over a low fire five or six minutes.. Then put the paprika, mix everything and add the rice. Then add the boiling broth, salt, half minced garlic and cook over high heat. After 10 minutes of cooking, gracefully put the prawns and shrimp over rice and cook another 5 or 6 minutes over low heat until the broth has evaporated completely.With a tasty broth is cooked paella better.

If your budget permits you, and you like it, you can also put a few pieces of lobster or lobster and even clams, chunks of monkfish or swordfish.